Texas Work Injury and Low Back Pain
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Injured At Work? Hurt On The Job? Optimum HealthCare Will Take Care of You!

Our Optimum HealthCare program helps work injuries. A work injury can affect you both on the job and off the job. Any injury, even a work related injury brought on by a work accident, can lower your quality of life. Work injury pain can also affect your loved ones because if work injury pain is not treated, it can:

  • Hurt you physically and emotionally
  • Cause you frustration
  • Stress relationships
  • Lead to isolation
  • Depression
  • Emotional distress

We care about you, and your life. That's why Optimum HealthCare will help you develop a program to get your life back, too.

A Texas Work Injury needs a Texas doctor.

What Are Some Common Work Injuries?

Common work injuries include:

Our network of physiatrists (docotors that treat physical injuries and worker disability) have a strong understanding of ergonomics and can work with physical therapists to teach correct posture and behavior modification to prevent injuries. Early stages of patient care include medication, testing and therapy.

For chronic problems, the PM&R physician can help improve physical fitness and reduce pain for work injuries.

Know Your Rights As An Injured Worker!

Click here for a free resource where you can find out more about your work injury rights, and get a FREE consulation with an experienced work injury or workers comp lawyer.

In Texas and other states, most employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance. This is called a "no fault" system. State laws may also protect employers from lawsuits even if it was their fault you had an on-the-job accident. Many work injury victims suffer from the fact that their workers' compensation claims:

  • Are often disputed, denied and delayed by employers and insurers
  • May result in payment of medical costs and a portion of lost wages, but do not provide any compensation for pain and suffering.

There are many cases of workplace injury where you may be able to file a lawsuit against someone other than the employer , such as:

  • The manufacturer of malfunctioning or defective equipment
  • A contractor or other responsible party whose negligence causes injury in a construction site accident, work injury, or aciident on the job.
  • Architects, consulting engineers or safety consultants