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What Is Postural Correction?

Postural Correction (also called posture correction training) is the ability to correct muscular imbalances, Posture corrections for a healthier you. bad or slumped posture, and joint and muscle pains by reconditioning the body to perform better. Posture correction training strengthens weak muscles or muscles that are not working properly and increases flexibility and muscle and joint mobility with proper stretching.

What is Posture? What Is GOOD Posture?

Posture is the place from which movement begins and ends. Good posture means better quality movement, which in turn leads to less wear and tear on joint surfaces and therefore less pain.

As we adopt a particular postural habit, such as sitting slouched with our head forward to look at a computer screen, over many months and years our body tends to "harden" into that posture, and when we stand up, we wind up standing with a slouch and a forward head.

Our bodies function best in good posture, so developing good postural habits can improve not only sports performance, but also the quality of our lives by reducing muscle and joint pain caused by poor posture.